Tips for Effective After-Sales Service

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The concept of after-sales service isn’t just abstract theory. Effective after-sales service is a practical business process to improve customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

After all, by servicing your customers and clients after the customary sales process, you can tangibly impact the likelihood and opportunities for repeat business as well as referrals. Check out these five helpful tips for effective after-sales management and service.

Make it personal.
There are plenty of opportunities to make the after-sales process personal, from personalized shipments to hand-written notes to a phone call or email. Let them know they matter to your business.

Repeat incentives.
Nothing shows you want a clients’ business like the offer of an incentive or discount to come back. It shows you appreciate their business and want a long-term relationship.

The customer always deserves your best.
Regardless of what is going on personally with you, it’s not the problem of your customers and clients. They deserve impeccable service from you all of the time. Treat them like they are your very first customer and don’t give them a reason to switch.

Ask for feedback.
Telling customers you want their feedback lets them know they’re valued and an individual, rather than just another customer. If you genuinely care about the feedback, there is a lot of value in the opinions, thoughts and feelings of people who have already done business with you.

Follow through on everything.
Open communication with your customers leads to a standing of honesty and integrity. Simply put, say what you will do and then do what you have said. Being genuine and following through on your commitments and promises will show you care about their repeat business.

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