Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do

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Macbook Pro Retina And Iphone 5S With Google Home Page On The Sc

Most would agree that Google is a pretty great thing. Most view it as the most powerful search engine alive. And most have no idea at some of the amazing things Google can do.

It turns out Google is much more than meets the eye. Much of it is right there in front of us beneath the virtual surface in a secret treasure trove of amazing Google tricks, features, and secrets. Here are 10 of the coolest things Google can do that you probably didn’t know about.

Google Sky – If you think Google Maps is a big deal, then try searching through outer space images of stars, planets and galaxies taken from telescopes and satellites.

Google Translations – Really, where else would you go for a quick translation? Just go to the search bar and type in “translate (word) to (language).” Done.

Fly through Google Earth – Of course someone thought of this. Visit Google Earth, press CTRL + ALT + A, and fly around Earth in your choice of simulated aircraft.

Track Packages – Just enter the tracking number of any package, with any company, and see exactly where it is. It’s that easy.

Get to Mordor – If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you can use Google Maps for walking directions on how to get to the infamous Mordor. Seriously.

Thumb through Classic Books – Google Book Search lets you pull up any classic book and thumb right through the pages.

Goglogo – Proving someone had way too much time on their hands, Goglogo lets you personalize the Google logo to whatever text you want.

Google Guitar – To commemorate Les Paul in 2009, Google created a homepage guitar logo. You can play it, and record it.

Bacon Number – Because it’s all about six degrees of separation. Go to the search bar and type in any name and “Bacon number” to see the degrees of separation from the famous actor.

Currency Calculator – Want to figure out how much you really just spend in a foreign pub? Just type it into the search bar for an instant currency calculator.

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