Inexpensive Ways to Boost Morale

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Many business owners and managers believe they know just what employees want and need. And no doubt there’s no shortage of advice online listing how to boost employee morale. But know this: There are many ways to boost internal morale that cost little, or nothing.

Many of the easiest fixes for internal morale are simply underrated and get right to the source of employee unhappiness. In fact, a [recent Accenture study] reported that 43 percent of the workforce cited “lack of recognition” as the reason for problems. Not wages. Not benefits.

Here are five inexpensive ways to make employees feel valued and recognized and boost morale.

Listen, and react, to employees. Employees will feel valued when they feel like they are being listened to. Be cognizant of the workplace environment, helping reduce stress and burnout and increasing productivity and absenteeism. Boost employee satisfaction by being aware of life-work balance.

Local loyalty program. Develop a loyalty program with other businesses around you who thrive on business from your employees. Partner on discounts, weekly specials and loyalty programs with retailers and restaurants your employees already use.

Bring in food providers. Something as small as lunch can really build morale when employees are too busy to go out and have to eat at their desk. Arrange for food trucks to come to your location, or invite local eateries to provide midday food at your office to bring convenience to your employees.

Connect with local service providers. Simply put, employees will feel valued when you help save them time and effort outside of work. Who wouldn’t want quick and easy access for dry cleaning, a car wash or even a haircut at work? Your workforce gains value by saving their time.

Have compassion for life issues. Life happens to your workforce, even during the day, and your compassion can go a long way. Employees will have far less stress knowing you have their backs. Be forgiving of hours, have schedule flexibility, and try letting employees out early on Fridays or before Holidays to help provide some balance.

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