How anyone can generate PR

Generating PR as a small business or new entrepreneur can be tough.  Your budget is tight and nobody has heard of you yet, so here are some ways to get the buzz going without bankrupting your business.

Leverage Your Website

For the small business or entrepreneur starting out without a lot of capital, generating positive PR can be a challenge.  One of the easiest ways to get PR is to leverage an asset that you no doubt have, or should have, your website.  Depending on your product or business, your website might be a few pages or hundreds of pages with forums and content of all types.

Simply getting more traffic to your website can generate a ton of PR.  If an influential person sees your site, or someone who loves what you doing tells a media organization, the PR train can leave the station before you know it.  Make sure your content or blog is updated regularly, optimized for SEO so that it can be found via search, and well designed.

A simple website update or redesign, even if it is not much different can also be an event worth celebrating or boasting about to your network and social contacts to try to generate PR.

Go Directly to the Public

Instead of sitting back passively and running a targeted ad campaign or sending blocks of emails to random people, leverage the customers you have to generate your PR.

There are varieties of ways you can do this. You can have your customers be involved in a new contest or venture you are running, simply asking your existing customer base to tell a friend, organizing a referral program or coupon that can save them money if they bring in new customers, or donating to a local charity or event in your community.

This low level, grass roots type of marketing can generate positive, local, targeted PR for your business that will drive new customers and build trust for your brand.

Do Something That No One Else Is

Generating PR on a budget in a large industry can be tough.  Instead of spending a large chunk of your precious capital to hire a firm, think outside the box and utilize your sweat equity and creativity to do something that nobody else is.

Whether it’s putting a video on YouTube, running a crazy contest, giving every other sale to a charity, or something else equally outrageous, uniqueness can sell and get your product or business noticed in the crowded marketplace.  Good PR can’t occur unless the public knows you exist and knows what your brand is, so do anything you can to get it out there and get your brand name on the public’s lips.

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