Essential Items Every Business Person Should Have in Their Desk

Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

So, what’s in your desk?

That might seem like an odd question, but face it, you spend a lot of time at your desk. So, it makes sense that you would have a stash of necessary items that can help you navigate almost any situation, from an impromptu client meeting to a dying smartphone to an unplanned rainy day.

As a professional, you need to be prepared for contingencies, especially the ones you would normally overlook. Here are 10 items every professional should keep in their desk.

Device chargers – You never want to be caught with a dying tablet or smartphone when you really need it, so keep extra chargers stored away. Chances are a client or colleague might need them as well.

Lint roller – Pet hair or fuzzies from your office chair aren’t a great look for you or your co-workers when you’re in a rush to get to a client meeting.

Extra set of keys – Your neighbors likely have a set, but it makes too much sense to keep an extra, unlabelled, set of home and car keys at work. You will be glad you did.

Energy snacks – There will be times when you don’t have time to eat properly, so keep supplies to power up. Energy bars, almonds, vitamins and powdered energy drinks will help in a pinch.

Mouthwash and breath mints – It would be easy to regret not having these items around when you need them.

Hand sanitizer – It’s easy to pick up germs after shaking hands or riding on public transportation. Also keep bacterial wipes on hand to disinfect your work area.

Plastic silverware – You don’t want to be caught with take-out or delivery and no way to eat it when you’re in a rush. Plus, you’ll be stocked for every impromptu work celebration.

Umbrella – A sudden rain storm is made much worse when you have to get through it to meet an important client and you’re not prepared.

Earbuds – These will come in handy when you have extra work to do and need to focus.

Deodorant – A travel-size deodorant or antiperspirant can be great during the summer months or when you’re rushing to meetings and appointments.

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