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How to Use Visuals to Get More Likes on Social Media

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Do you incorporate a strategic visual presence on your social media channels? If not, know that you’re not alone, but also that you should really read on.

People who are familiar with social media marketing know that visuals – colors and images – dominate the social media space. In fact, there is loads of valuable data to support the premise that choosing the correct colors and images for items you share online will impact the effectiveness of your marketing and brand recognition, connect with your community, and drive purchasing. Basically, it makes you memorable.

So how do you go about incorporating the right colors and visuals on social media? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Set your color palette. Your company should have specific colors associated with it, and use them uniformly to create brand recognition and convey brand personality across all social media channels.

And use the right colors. People have emotional responses to colors. Studies have shown color increases brand awareness by up to 80 percent and may be 85 percent of the reason people buy. This infographic shows the emotional guide to color.

Set your fonts. Don’t forget about the importance of fonts in conveying your brand. Pick two or three fonts, and use them across all of your marketing and media channels.

Understand buying influences. People are inherently (65 percent) visual learners and 92 percent of buyers make decisions based on a visual factor. Color can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent and comprehension by up to 73 percent.

Visuals dominate social media. When you can, show it instead of saying it. Photos on Facebook get 53 percent more likes and 104 percent more comments, while images on Twitter get 150 percent more re-Tweets.

So try photo filters. You can add a “look” and consistency to your images and photos with photo filters. Reinforcing your brand’s culture, vibe and personality with photo filters – and doing it consistently – will help convey the type of messages you intend.

Create social media templates. Using templates with consistent elements (fonts, colors) for your updates (sales, promotions, images, quotes) across social media channels will make your campaigns easily recognizable.

How do you appear on search engines?

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Have you ever thought about the impact of how you appear on a search engine? The statistics show that quite often it’s the first point of contact for another person – such as a potential client or employer – to find you, making it all the more important you have put your best online foot forward.

Suppose you meet someone at a networking event, or your information is a passed along through your network as a referral. Chances are they will head straight to an online search engine to do their due diligence in researching who you are and what you do. So what will they find?

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