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Cloud Computing

How to get your company to adopt cloud computing

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Most top companies already use cloud computing

If your company is reluctant to switch to cloud computing or other cloud services, perhaps a bit of credibility for those services is in order.  You can show your company that many top companies such as IBM, Google, Cisco, and other Fortune 500 companies are already using cloud computing and have been for some time.

Your company may not care or model their enterprise after these successful companies. Sometimes knowing that your investment or undertaking is not something brand new; but an idea proven in the marketplace to be effective can be comforting to a hesitant employer.

Emphasize the benefits

Cloud computing has a multitude of benefits that far outweigh the downsides or switching pains. These issues can be illustrated in many ways to help your effort in encouraging the company to switch to cloud computing. Work with other departments of your company to show how cloud computing can improve all areas of business.

Draw up graphs or charts to show costs savings. Get testimonials from IT about how security and their daily workflow would improve. Show how cloud computing can help the business scale; expand more efficiently and faster than thought possible.

Cloud computing can also improve company culture by facilitating greater communication via the cloud.  Cloud services allow employees to work on files at the same time and from virtually anywhere.  This increased collaboration can boost productivity, improve employee relationships, and strengthen your team, allowing them to tackle bigger projects with more speed and efficiency.

Improved workforce options

Cloud computing and related technologies further allow employees to work remotely from anywhere with the internet.  Make the case to your employer that this technology allows them to expand the pool of employees they can recruit or choose from, especially if they have had difficulty finding qualified candidates in the past.

This can help employers save on overhead costs, as well, as remote employees generally require less overhead such as food, equipment, and transportation incentives such as pretax parking or public transportation reimbursement programs.

The company will also require less IT resources and in-house personnel, as they can more easily manage cloud services with a limited staff. The company can rely on the personnel of the service providing the cloud solutions to handle certain IT tasks such as security or maintenance. This combination of lower overhead, combined with greater workforce talent, can help offset company fears about the costs of switching as well as resistance from staff or employees to the change.

The Benefits of Business Marketing Automation

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Business man pointing to transparent board with text: Automation

While marketing automation is still in its early stages, more and more businesses are opting to use this marketing style. As companies now have to work harder than ever before to keep their brands in the minds of consumers, the optimization of marketing automation can help make the entire process easier. Below are some of the benefits of business marketing automation.

  1. Productivity

One of the primary benefits of marketing automation is the elimination of routine marketing or organizational tasks. By removing them, employees and staff are better able to focus their efforts on projects that require more manpower and monitoring.

  1. Increased revenue

While investing in any new software is never cheap, the increased revenue created by marketing automation can offset – and overcome – the costs. More than 78% of marketers identified automation as the key to their improving revenue. Even B2B businesses see the difference; when compared to nurtured sales, automation increased sales by more than 20%.

  1. Customer retention

Using marketing intelligence, businesses can work to keep the customers they have while continually working on acquiring new ones. By gaining more insight and information on customers, automated marketing can help target products or promotions to the right consumers and the right time.

  1. Monitor campaigns

Although data analytics are an important part of marketing, automation provides the ability to instantly measure and monitor the data collected by a campaign. This, in turn, helps you determine the success or failure faster and adjust future marketing strategies accordingly.

  1. Improve accountability

The data collected by marketing automation creates an impartial picture of your company. This not only improves the accountability of departments such as marketing and sales, but can also identify areas that need improvement. This impartial feedback can help insure that all areas of your business are operating effectively.

Marketing automation can provide businesses with unprecedented amounts of data about their customers, while at the same time increasing productivity and identifying areas that need improvement. Because of these benefits, marketing automation can help businesses improve, grow, and better serve the consumer.

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

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Cloud Computing

Making the transition from a traditional operating system to cloud computing might seem like a risky jump for many businesses. However, there are significant benefits that come with a business run using cloud computing.

While most people are familiar with using the cloud as a way to backup files, photos, and other information, fewer understand how cloud computing can be implemented throughout an entire business. In its simplest form, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Rather than running programs or software that has been downloaded to a specific physical computer, users are able to access different files and applications through the internet.

The cloud continues to increase in popularity, especially among small businesses. In fact, CRN estimatedthat nearly $100 billion was spent on cloud computing services in 2014.

Below are five of the many reasons why more and more businesses are switching to the cloud.

1.       Meet changing demands
When a company outgrows their bandwidth, upgrading their operating system can take months to accomplish, costing the business both time and money. However, with the cloud the system can automatically update itself as bandwidth needs increase. This flexibility allows you to focus on your business rather than estimating your bandwidth needs.

2.       Work from anywhere
With a cloud operating system, employees have the freedom to work from anywhere without needing to copy files or programs onto their home computers. In addition, this gives more employees the ability to telecommute, improving their productivity and work-life balance. As many as 42% of working adults said they would take a pay cut if they were given the ability to telecommute.

3.       Lower costs
Cloud computing allow businesses to spend less on expensive licenses for software and programs. In addition, businesses can spend less on infrastructure; the money previously spent maintaining servers and software can instead be used to improve services for customers.

4.       Recover quickly from disasters
When using cloud computing services, companies erase the need for complex backup and disaster recovery plans. In fact, the Aberdeen Group found that when using the cloud, businesses were able to resolve software or system issues in an average of 2.1 hours; businesses using traditional servers took an average of nearly 8 hours to recover.

5.       Smoother acquisitions
Mergers between businesses – or even between departments within the same company – can often last for months as data, information, and files are transferred and compiled into a singular operating system. When using the cloud, this transition can be done quickly and with a minimal amount of lost time, allowing things to get back to business as usual much faster.

NRBBA presents annual South Bay Springfest and Dine Around Artesia Events

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Ever wonder why Redondo Beach is such a supportive place for community and small business? It might have something to do with the North Redondo Beach Business Association (NRBBA).

Each spring the NRBBA produces the annual Springfest event, held in the parking area of the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. From fun carnival rides to gourmet food trucks to vendor booths, South Bay families gather to mingle and enjoy the festivities. The organization also organizes the annual Dine Around event, giving locals an opportunity to ‘taste test’ many of the excellent dining options located on Artesia Boulevard in North Redondo Beach.

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