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Following Through on Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing campaigns are a great way to drive traffic, increase revenue, and market to your customers in a way that has a high conversion rate.  With such a long and drawn out process, however, discouragement along the way or less than stellar results can derail a campaign before it achieves its full potential.  Here are some ways to follow through with the email marketing campaign you began.


Don’t quit if the first email results are bad

You put days and weeks of time and effort into building an elaborate email marketing campaign, and when the first email launches it is exciting. Then, you check the statistics and it hits you—it was a flop.  Your projections are in jeopardy, the doubts start creeping in, but don’t quit!

Often the first email or marketing piece of a campaign is not the most effective.  Very few boxers are knocked out on the first punch.  A well organized and thought out campaign will be successful over time if it is allowed to finish, so do not hit the eject button at the first sign of trouble.

The email could have been launched at a bad time or buried in your customers’ inboxes with a host of other ones.  Maybe the customers don’t have familiarity with your brand yet and the campaign will help build that.  The easiest way to follow through with a struggling campaign is to finish it.  It is better to evaluate the entire thing than stop halfway and wonder if it was the right choice.

Focus on the original goal

During an email marketing campaign, it can get discouraging to look at your results, or thrilling if you are landing a bunch of customers or clicks.  These emotions are dangerous because they can lead you away from your original goal.

Hopefully your campaign had an initial goal that you set and this goal should be compared and monitored throughout the campaign at the end.  If the goal was to build your brand but instead you got a lot of affiliate revenue from customer’s clicking links on your site or email, did that help you towards your goal?

One can never truly know how a campaign will go until it launches, regardless of how well you plan or research.  Sometimes you can be surprised by how well it goes.  Maybe your campaign was designed to get referral email addresses from friends of those on your list but it turns out those customers also made a ton of purchases as well.  This information, despite not being your desired outcome, can help you tremendously in future campaigns and marketing efforts outside of the email medium.

Cold feet

If you have planned a campaign but are afraid or scared to launch it, remember that it likely does not cost you much monetarily and the upside potential is tremendous.  A well run and targeted campaign can make you money, increase your brand awareness, turn potential customers into lifelong return ones, and so much more.

The input costs were likely time, effort, planning, and a little bit of money.  But compared to traditional marketing methods like advertising or direct mail, email marketing is relatively affordable.  This is one of the reasons it is so popular in addition to its ability to get your message closer to the customer than virtually anything else.  People treasure their email—so make sure your brand, your product, your baby, is in there!