Best and Worst Phrases to Include in a Sales Pitch

Discussion at a consultation

A mastery of using the right phrases within an effective sales pitch can create dialogue, discussion, and engagement with your client. Just as easily, ineffective phrases can take it in the wrong direction.

It should be the goal of every salesperson to ditch the traditional pitch over the phone or in appointments, and instead create a connection that leads to a collaborative conversation. So how is that done? What are the right and wrong words to say?

Best Phrases

Tell me More – You’re steering the conversation, but letting the client talk so you can listen.

That’s true, but – You’re agreeing with them, but also showing how you can make a difference.

The difference is – This shows you clearly understand both sides, but can add context and comparison.

What this means is – It’s a chance to highlight your benefits and differentiate your product.

Imagine yourself – Create space in the conversation for the client to make an emotional connection.

What is important to you? – The more you know about the client and the problem, the better.

The value here – Clients want to know what they can get or gain and why it’s worthwhile.

Worst Phrases

You’re making a mistake – It doesn’t build trust or credibility to tell people they are wrong.

Honestly, I think – This implies that everything you said previously wasn’t the truth.

Let me talk to my manager – It shows you don’t have the authority and aren’t the person to talk to.

How can I help you? – You should know this already. You should know the problem and how to solve it.

Is this a good time? – It only gives away control of the conversation from what you want to say.

Obviously – This can feel both condescending and negative at once, plus make people stop listening.

Maybe – It can show you’re not sure of yourself or confident in what you’re saying or selling.

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