Reach your marketing goals

Status:Flow connects you with the experts and support staff who can help to reach your online marketing goals. From initial web site development to executing ongoing social media, email and SEO campaigns, capitalize with access to a team of pros waiting to help. Tell us about your goals.

Our strategies for success:

  • We believe success takes a team, with every member doing what they do best. Instead of one or two contractors, elevate and outsource your branding and marketing projects to a group of experts.
  • Our team works virtually, eliminating waste and passing the savings along to you.
  • We have a voracious appetite for the latest trends, technologies and techniques. We understand multimedia marketing is a constantly changing world, and we’re here to help you keep up.
  • We’re committed to fostering small business success, connections and goodwill. We will best help our clients succeed by sharing their stories in an authentic, engaging and meaningful way that contribute to the online community.

Jesse D.
Co-Founder / Business Development

Jesse is passionate about helping clients reach their audience and build lasting relationships through the expansive online and social marketing tools available today. As Status Flow’s business development principal, Jesse connects clients to our team of experts and assistants. 

Ash G.
Co-Founder / Operations Management

Ash brings a deep understanding of brand management, web site design and development and content creation to Status Flow. As Status Flow’s operations manager, she provides support and guidance to coordinate the efforts of our team of professionals while facilitating high-quality, on-time delivery of work for clients. 

Ruth S.
Account Assistant

Ruth provides project management and accountability, client support and communication between clients and the Status Flow team. She is a friendly ally just an email away to help facilitate our client’s multi media marketing goals!

Michelle W.

Michelle’s sharp eye for details and tireless commitment to high-quality work guides our team of writers to keep content creation on-point and engaging for blogs and social sharing. She also helps strategize, edit and organize content for web sites. 

Ben R.
Social Strategist

Ben is a social media nerd who loves connecting people to what they care about, whether it’s clients to the strategy and metrics that will yield the most growth, online communities to the products and services they love, or companies to the goals they strive toward every day. 

Mike K.
Web Developer

Mike brings a working knowledge of WordPress and web site development and maintenance, keeping client’s web sites up-to-date and running smoothly. 

Gretchen H.
Graphic Designer

Gretchen’s refined approach to typography and graphics helps our clients stay on-brand and stand out from the sea of companies vying for attention in the online marketplace. 

Maggie H.
Public Relations

A California native, Maggie Habib puts her 12-years of big PR agency experience to work in a more accessible package for small, growing businesses in California and beyond. She has led award-winning campaigns, including efforts for startups such as Chargerback and; for small businesses such as digital interviewing leader HireVue and residential solar company Sungevity; and for Fortune 500 companies including P&G, Hilton and Aflac to name a few.

Bibi G.
CRM / InfusionSoft Expert

Bibi serves more than 200 clients globally, with services ranging from administrative needs, email marketing, time management, procedures implementation and maintenance and strategic planning. Bibi Speaks on topics ranging from Time Management to Systems and Delegation. She conducts workshops and virtual courses on email management and de-cluttering. Bibi is an an active member of her Southern California business community. 

SEO Technicians

From scheduling content to managing advertising boosts and promotions, our team of social media account technicians keep client accounts up to speed.

Writing Staff

Our team of professional staff writers creates written content for custom blogs, seo articles and web sites.