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Traits for Successful Business Leaders

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People love working with, and for, successful business leaders. Are you one of those great leaders?

Many aspire to be successful in business and their careers, but the truly great are separated by core competencies and behaviors that set them apart in an upper echelon in their industries. And all of those great business leaders must continually refine their competencies. Here are six traits that business experts commonly agree set great leaders apart.

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Business Small Talk: A Field Guide

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Success in business, and every business deal, starts with building relationships. The starting point for all relationships is conversation.

You probably know quite a few business people who are schmoozers, talkers, and just naturally seem to network. They seem to have mastered small talk, creating conversations and connecting with others. If none of this comes naturally to you, know that you’re not alone. Here’s a field guide to seven ways to create business small talk.

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Seven tips for effective cold emailing

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First there was cold calling. Then, with the digital age, there was cold emailing.

For many in business, cold emailing is the most effective and untapped form of networking, sales, and development. Many people are impressed with initiative, and cold emailing is a way to build a broader network without relying on already established contacts, and for a very low cost (just your time).

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Tips to create effective customer surveys

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Every business would love to know exactly what their customers think about their products and services. Short of a crystal ball, that’s no easy task.

Customer surveys are one of the most proven ways to quickly gather data on your customers. It’s critical to know exactly what your best customers think, giving your business the position and opportunity to keep them happy and cultivate them into brand advocates. Follow these five tactics below to create effective and proven customer surveys that turn into a reliable source of customer information.

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Seven tips for effective cold calling

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Some view cold calling as a behind-the-times, antiquated tactic that is no better than a waste of time. But cold calling still has its proponents, those who view it as an effective, tried and true source of lead-generation if done correctly.

Make no mistake, cold calling can be daunting. But in the digital age where the decision makers you want to reach are maxed out with hundreds, and even thousands, of emails a day, a phone call can cut through the clutter. With a strategy and a methodology, cold calling can still be targeted and effective.

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How to create a value proposition to impact customer perception

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One of the simple truths of business is that even great products don’t sell themselves. Many businesses have learned that lesson the hard way.

To put it simply, the ability to sell your products is all about perceived value. The benefits of your product or service are subjective, and mean different things to different customers. You need to find out which of those benefits are perceived to be most important. In laymen’s terms, a value proposition is the difference between perceived benefits and perceived costs for the customer, which determines their motivation to purchase. If the benefits outweigh the costs, the buyer will be motivated.

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Must-have apps for mobile sales representatives

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The latest in technology is always key for mobile sales reps and sales teams.

There’s very little downside in leveraging the latest in technology to make your job easier and you more efficient. As mobile sales reps are increasingly finding out, there are all sorts of tools on the market to make them better at what they do. But, let’s face it, sorting through hundreds of sales mobile apps to find the perfect fit for your business needs can be exhausting.

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Should I Outsource My Project?

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Businesses of all sizes have a lot to consider when deciding whether they should outsource a project.

Outsourcing is often looked at unfavorably, but there are many circumstances when it represents an appropriate option and business solution. Certain types of projects simply lend themselves better to outsourcing, saving your business time, money, and efficiency based on your strengths, weaknesses and core competencies.

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Best of the best in CRM software

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If you’re a business owner or manager, there is no hiding the impact Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can have on streamlining your sales functions and customer management, thus positively affecting your bottom line.

For any business, cultivating and maintaining relationships with current and potential customers is the core of doing business. It’s difficult to thrive, in any business, without those sustainable, long-term relationships.

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Social Media Strategies for Restaurants

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Many restaurants survive (or don’t) on word-of-mouth, which makes social media an obvious tool for restaurants to use in their online strategies to gain exposure.

Restaurant brands need to take strong hold of their social media presence. The space allows for direct, one-on-one connections to customers. Getting people to talk about your brand in social spaces can make a dramatic impact on business. Unfortunately, lack of planning, inactivity, and poor engagement damage the presence of many brands and result in poor results.

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